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REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov MOSCOW (Reuters) - A senior official in the Russian parliament will discuss North Korea’s missile and nuclear program in separate talks with parliamentarians from Seoul and Pyongyang on Monday, TASS news agency said. Valentina Matviyenko, speaker of the Senate upper house, will discuss the issue with a deputy head of North Korea’s legislature and the head of South Korea’s parliament on the sidelines of a congress of parliamentarians in St Petersburg, TASS quoted a senior Russian lawmaker as saying. “Both meetings will take place on Oct. 16,” TASS cited Konstantin Kosachev, head of the Senate’s international relations committee, as saying. Quoting an unnamed source, RIA news agency said earlier on Saturday the meetings would take place on Oct. 15. “I believe that during the meetings the Russian side will call (on North and South Korea) to hold direct contacts. This would be quite natural, but of course we cannot, and should not, force anyone to do so,” Kosachev told TASS. North Korea’s nuclear tests and missile launches have stirred global tensions and prompted several rounds of international sanctions at the U.N.

But if Beijing is serious about stopping North Korea’s exports of apparel and workers to sew garments in Chinese factories, it would have a significant impact on the North’s economy, said Marcus Noland of the Peterson Institute for International Economics. “The reason that this is important is not only because apparel exports are a significant number, but because it’s the one non-resource area that’s really growing,” Noland said, differentiating apparel exports from mineral exports such as coal and iron ore. “So it’s not just the static number that’s important. It’s the fact that this sector was emerging as an area of comparative advantage.” There is another thing that makes the crackdown on clothing exports different from previous actions against North Korea. Previously, governments had stressed that the sanctions were targeting the regime and were aimed at cutting off its access to the money or equipment it needed for its nuclear weapons program. This effort to shut down North Korea’s garment industry is one that will have wide-reaching ramifications across North Korean society. “Assuming that the ban is enforced, it will have a huge impact,” said Abrahamian, who visited North Korean garment factories several times while working for Choson Exchange, an NGO focused on business training for North Koreans.  “Tens of thousands, possibly even hundreds of thousands, of North Koreans are employed in this industry, and 98 percent of them are women. That’s the demographic that’s clearly going to suffer as a result of this,” he said. [ U.N. imposes new sanctions on North Korea following missile tests ] Noland agreed with the assessment that the sanctions would hurt ordinary people and especially women, but he said this is a toll that the United Nations should be prepared to inflict to punish the regime.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/ban-on-north-korean-clothing-exports-will-hurt-women-the-most-experts-say/2017/09/16/2a6ec716-995c-11e7-a527-3573bd073e02_story.html

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