If we see that one colour has been selling well, we can get some more into the shops within a few weeks. "The thing is, there's been a huge about-face with New Zealand-made," Hayley says. "People love New Zealand-made, and they want to pay the extra. They want the quality, and they want to support the people in their own backyard." People have more of a conscience these days about where their clothes come from, and who profits from them, Hayley says. Moana Thompsett, of Forward Fashion, in Blenheim. "And they don't mind spending money on quality because it lasts." Thomas Pie owner Amy Maxwell couldn't agree more.  "I think there's a big movement in people's mindset. They want to know where their stuff is coming from. It's happened with food, now it's happening with clothing. Before I started doing my label, I was so naive about where my clothing came from, I didn't have a clue. "I think it's been talked about more, and I think people are starting to ask questions more about the quality of the clothes they buy, how they are made, and who is making them.

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I actually wanna design my own clothes cos most of these shops have dead clothes man, I can never find something I like

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