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In her latest collection, the lace used in her necklaces and earrings has extra significance. It comes from her wedding dress, which holds memories she'd rather forget. "I am survivor of intimate partner violence and I was looking for a way to repurpose my dress that would be really positive," she said. Winter is the co-founder of No Discipline Arts Collective and for a long time has wanted to do a project of  transforming wedding gowns belonging to survivors of intimate partner violence, like herself. She invited 24 other artists to come and take pieces of six donated gowns and make them into art. Some of the dresses came from survivors of abuse and others from women who support them. "Its so great to see these objects that are loaded with so much significance, broken down and transformed into something that is so full of hope and so full of inspiration," said Winter. Back in January, the artists carefully cut up the gowns and let their imaginations and creativity do the rest. They turned the pieces of fabric into beautiful works of art, like jewelry, photographs, oil paintings and sculptures. "I hadn't anticipated how heavy and how moving and emotional it was going to be for everybody involved," said Winter. "Which is part of why the transformation process has been so powerful." The art work will go on display, and be for sale, at an event on June 8 called "Redressed." Its being held at Chase Court in Baltimore, which is typically used as wedding venue.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.abc2news.com/news/region/baltimore-city/art-show-using-repurposed-wedding-dresses-to-raise-money-for-house-of-ruth-maryland

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