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This fashion brand is using models with self harm scars

‘Goodbye Bread wants to show to all girls out there that they should love themselves and reject fashion’s unrealistic standards.’ After sharing the first unretouched photo on the brand’s Instagram account, fans flocked to it to praise and encourage others to follow suit. ‘Thanks for showing a woman with self-harm scars. It really gives off a hopeful feeling. A lot of us have been in similar situations and this is so uplifting. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about – everyone has their own personal journey.’ ‘I’d like to thank you for using a model with scars, and not discriminating against her for having them. It really shows that you are still beautiful, even with your scars,’ wrote another. Many users have also shared their own battle stories with self-harm and said Goodbye Bread left them with hope. One former model said: ‘I gave up modelling because as I got further into it I had to show more and more skin, but felt I couldn’t because of my scars. Thank you for having real models with real stories on your page.’ However, some were concerned that the images might trigger those who’ve struggled with self-harming in the past and worried campaigns like this might normalise cutting.

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