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Linda Fairstein, former head of the sex crimes unit with the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, agreed that retrials are usually better for the defense. "From my perspective, a retrial is never an advantage because, as a prosecutor, you put your best case on," she said. New York defense lawyer Harvey Fishbein noted Cosby's lawyers had shown fewer of their cards, resting without calling any witnesses. The comedian also did not testify in his own defense. "They might decide to re-evaluate that position," said Fishbein. The prosecution is also under more pressure than the defense in terms of expending public resources, he added. One hung jury raises the possibility of another one, and the government needs to weigh how far it wants to go to win a conviction. But that calculus can also change in very high-profile cases, noted Fishbein, who recently had that experience while representing Pedro Hernandez, who was charged with murdering six-year-old Etan Patz in New York in 1979. After a lone holdout deadlocked the jury in ชุด ว่า ย น้ำ เอว สูง facebook Hernandez's first trial, the public and media outcry made it extremely hard to find an impartial panel for the retrial, said Fishbein. "We had to go through 1,000 people to get a jury," he said. Hernandez was convicted and sentenced to 25-years-to-life in April.

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“The sheer volume of my personal collection can be partially attributed to the fact that it was hard to find swimsuits that I could wear to paddleboard or surf that were also stylish, luxurious, and made me look great,” Gaw says. It’s why she and her co-founder spent 18 months traveling around the world researching fabrics—and another year testing samples on real women—before they started production. “Most high-end swimwear is fit on models with ‘perfect’ bodies,” a method inherited from the ready-to-wear clothing industry, she says. “This becomes a problem [because a suit’s] so small in comparison to a dress, and needs to fit like a second skin. It’s obvious when the fit’s imperfect somewhere.” (Not to mention there’s no such thing as a “perfect” body , but I digress.) While industry standards are partially responsible for ill-fitting swimwear, Gaw also says the customer has more power than she thinks in the process. Here, she shares six mistakes you may be making that prevent a perfect fit—and how to fix them. Gaw says many women have very specific preferences about how swimwear should look on their bodies—and that often limits their ability to find the right suit. Her advice? When you shop, bring a friend with you, pull a bunch of different styles you may not usually try on, and ask your BFF to take photos of you in your favorite options so you can see how they actually fit.

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